Makrana Albeta Marble Features, Size and Latest Price

Makrana Albeta Marble-

Albeta or Albeto Marble is the finest marble from the quarries of Makrana. It has mainly two varieties i.e. Makrana Brown Albeta Marble, Makrana Black Albeta Marble.

The base of this marble is pure white with black or brownish linings on it. These linings form decent diamond figures when four slabs of the marble lot are joined together.

It is available in all sizes such as ‘Gang Saw Size Slabs’ & ‘Cut-to-size Tiles’ with following sizes-

‘Gang Saw Size Slabs’-

2400 mm & up x 1200 mm & up x 16 mm, 2700 mm & up x 1500 mm & up x 16 mm.

‘Cut-to-size Tiles’-

300 mm x 300 mm x 16 mm, 400 mm x 400 mm x 16 mm, 600 mm x 300 mm x 16 mm, 600 mm x
400mm x 16 mm, 600 mm x 600 mm x 16 mm.

It has the highest degree of durability, shining & whiteness which perfectly meets international standards.

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